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  • My 6 Most Commonly Used Winning Ads Strategies: that you can use in your online business to grow your returns through Paid Advertising
  • My Time Saving & Profitable Content Marketing Framework: to create more content, that generates sales, in less time...
  • My Profitable Marketing Fundamentals: that will open your eyes to untapped sales sitting in the marketing and customer list you already have
  • My Funnel Essentials: that you can apply to your current sales pages to maximise conversions and maximise average order value in your business (which transforms your business...)
  • My 11 Favourite Ways to Grow Email Lists and SELL From It: so you can add quality leads daily and send emails like the ones shown that have generated BIG sales from small lists and subscribers-gone-cold...
  • My 15 Super Actionable and Repeatable Ways to Generate More Leads and Sales: so you can create sales from your untapped lowest hanging fruit and use this template as monthly go-to to boost sales...

Mike Lindsay @mikelindsaypt

"I created one of your adverts and only spent £12 so far but made 3 sales at a total of £600. Also did your Instagram method from session two which brought in another £400 sales for free so I'm very happy already!"

Aaron Newton @aaron.newton12

"I set-up a Facebook Advert during the event last week [this full training] and results have been ridiculous! Spend so far is £126 and it's return is over £2000!"

Joe Parish @joeparish

"Even before the lunch break [session three] I implemented just one of the multiple strategies you taught which has already brought be back 5x the full price of the ticket!"
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