For the exclusive attention of ambitious coaches, consultants and course creators who can feel their potential for absurd growth is nothing more than the right strategy away...

What If Your Leads/Sales Generation Strategy Brought You 10-50 Dream High Ticket Clients Every Single Month Without You Having to be Glued to Your Laptop 24/7?
Map out your bespoke repeatable leads/sales generation system in just 30 minutes with our expert team and have clarity and direction like never before!
Across this seamless yet totally-transformational 30 minutes you will discover...

1// Your number one opportunity to immediately increase sales
which is currently hiding in plain sight from you and when revealed will unleash a wave of new sales into your business

2// How to create your repeatable, profitable and scalable system so you don’t have to re-invent your marketing every single week/month and have rock solid predictability in all the numbers that matter

3// The 3-7 KEY strategies which will make up your custom-built repeatable, profitable and scalable system. You can be rest assured these will “fit like a glove” into your business and how you show up online.

So what do you need to do?

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You are currently at the exact same point these entrepreneurs were at before they booked their strategy-building call…
"I Made More In The First Two Weeks With Neil Than I Would Have Done In 6 Months At My Oil Job!"
Ale joined after being made redundant and wanting to turn her coaching passion and hobbie in to something that doesn't just pay the bills but smassshes what she made in the corporate World. As so often, it was a matter of days in to the 6 month private coaching when she smashed through huge income targets set on our 1-2-1 call.
"We've Gone From Zero to Over 50 Active High Ticket Online Coaching Clients, Multiple £15k Months And Just Hit £18k Month"
Jen & Emma used our reapeable, profitable and scalable system every month to add brand new high ticket online coaching 1-2-1 clients without sales calls. Even on December 23rd (the worst time EVER for fitness) they closed 16 high ticket sales with NO sales calls required...
"In the first two weeks I did over €100,000 in sales...
Oran smashed it in his first two weeks - but he's gone on to hit multiples of this in the months that followed with just one repeatable, profitable and scalable ads strategy that we built with him - a lead magnet funnel and emails that generates booked calls fueled by the Shoney 2-5-5 method ads...
"£10K WEEK already since our first call on Monday - with no challenges or ads yet! The organic strategies only. Still haven't scratched the surface!"
By the end of Tara's first month, she'd already hit over £47k in online coaching sales - still to run her first ad with us. Our private coaching covers leads and sales generation through ads, emails, social media and funnels (all pre-written scripts to make it as copy and paste as possible)
"I added £20k of brand new business in the first 30 days and hit my first six-figure quarter!"
Ollie came in, built his repeatable system and launched in just a few days after our first kick-off call and smashed an additional £20k of new coaching revenue in thr first 30 days and by month two had smashed through the six-figure QUARTER mark!
"I Was Somewhere in The Region of £5k p/m - Now Last Month We Hit Over £50k and This Month We're Already Over £60k...
This amazing online course creator has done sensationally well since branding herself as a "technophobe" to using ads, emails and socials to hit £50k, £60k and a couple of £100k+ months across the past two years of working together!
"To Be Honest, I Was Spinning My Wheels With 6 Months of Showing Up On Social Media And Not a Single Call Booked. With Your Social Strategies It Was £4.4k Collected In 9 Days Organically And The Momentum Hasn't Stopped Since..."
Gary is an awesome coach and it didn't phase me that he hadn't had a call booked in six months. Our systems are there to help World Class coaches attract dream clients who need what they sell - and are willing to pay for it!
"I've Been With Neil In Private Coaching For Over Two Years Now and Had Multiple Five Figure Launches, Been Fully Booked, Served My DREAM Clients And Actually Ran Successful Ads!! Our last launch did over £50k"
Darrell's main worries with her repeatable, profitable and scalable system was whether she could run profitable ads and she smaaashed it. Hundreds of challengers below £1 that brought Dream clients in to her challenges, that converted super profitably and filled an email list full of high-targeted winners!
"It Took All Of Four Days To Pick Up Seven High-Ticket Online Coaching Clients With This Stuff. I Don't Have a Big Organic Following And Didn't Know If High Ticket Would Work For Me But I Guess It Does, Ha ha!"
Ronan is another gym owner and coach that needed to move online like every other coach right now. He didn't have a high ticket offer, but that's what we built first - then gave him the organic post scripts to make it happen and fast! Tip of the ice berg (4 days in)...
"I've Still Got Calls Coming Out of My Ears! Over £20k of Sales In About Five Days! Aaaahhh!"
On Cara's kick-off call, she told me she had the doors opening to her new high ticket offer in just a few days and she had wrote off making any additional sales for it. We gave her one organic strategy (no DM's) to deploy and she did over £20k of sales in the next five days...
"All I Can Say Is I've Never Signed Up This Many People In My Life. Had to turn my ads off!"
Kevin not only had 625 people in his first challenge using The Shoney 2-5-5 ads method; and smashed over £8k of sales in his first 7 days; but then he ghosted me because he was too busy making more sales than he ever has in his life!
I've filled 10 high-ticket spots already this week - going for 15! Allows me to turn my part time gig in to my full time!
Ciara is a mindset coach who in her first week of implementation hopped to get some booked calls. Instead she packed her calendar full of high quality leads and signed up enough high ticket clients to make it easy to take per part-time, full time!
"First Month We've Added an Additional £2k of Monthly RECURRING Revenue already - Loving The Process"
Jonny has a small group personal training facility and right out the gates is filling his call calendar, signing up new premium priced memberships €149-249 p/m and building sustainability in to his growth with amazing monthly recurring revenue!
"This System is Bringing us a 24x Return on Ad Spend, Growing Our Email List and We're Saving So Much Time Almost Eliminating Calls..."
Michael wanted a singular repeatable system that would stop the constant ever-looking for new ways to get booked calls and sales. He used this system to not only do that but return 24x up-front. This is NOT taking in to account the fact that this ONLY refers to up-front payments and not the recurring future payments that he'll recieve...
"What a First Week. I am blown away! 6 x NEW high ticket clients at new prices and two more on the fence! This has doubled my online business in five days! Thank you for your support, guidance and belief in me. It means so much to me and my family"
Mark never even had a high ticket online coaching product. On th first call, I shocked him with what I believed his first offer value should be. In the first Mark bagged 22 calls, 6 confirmed new high ticket clients (2 more may follow!) and all this was done with social media posts...
"Sold Out All Of My Online Spaces and Maxed Out My PT Clients"
Kirsty is an amazing coach who helps people in more ways than one. We were able to zero-in on an offer, price-point and structure that allowed her to leave her 9-5 job and smash her coaching business full-time...
"I Was Below £1000 Per Month and 'Gambled' on Neil's Private Coaching. Three Months Later - £16,900 Month And Just Hit £24K!"
Graham became a private coaching client just three months ago when he had a new baby and was saving for a mortgage. With very low ad spend, he had a £6k month in month #1, almost £10k in month #2, £16,900 in month #3 and £18.3K in month four...
"Boss, that's more revenue in the first week than my whole last months revenue. I'm going to book a flight to New York just to give you a hug"
Sharif thought he'd burned through his organic but with the right strategy - before we even touched ads - we were already able to flood his inbox, turn them in to calls and close record sales in a matter of days...
"Literally every time you speak our revenue grows! We worked with 4 mentors and consultants before you and no-one could get us profitable results. But we're already doing £50-60k months from ads alone with you! Going to kiss you when I see you!"
Jenni and Tom are mobilty coaches who have absolutely smashed it with their Facebook ads and are running multiple campaigns using our Shoney 2-5-5 method, with every campaign profitable returning 2.3-4.5x return each at circa £20k p/m ad spend (£30-40k profit!)
We've probably had three seperate weeks that were six-figure WEEKS within the first three months with Neil's private coaching!
Joel runs an agency for ads, social media and email marketing and uses a book funnel with The Shoney 2-5-5 method to generate high quality booked calls that turn in to very high paying clients!
"The challenge system has been super 'repeatable' as Neil puts it! Every single one has generated 6-8 x £2k coaching clients so far for only aboyt £200-300 of ad spend to fill it!"
Georgina is a nutritionist helping people with their relationship with food to create manageable, healthy weight-loss. Right from the first challenge, she her ads were rocking and people signed up in droves. Now she simply repeats the process and uses us for guidance and optimisation and scaling!
I’ll leave you with this…

If you feel like all you’re doing is keeping your business going.

If you feel like you’re the one holding it all together.

If you feel like you're currently at a fraction of your businesses true potential.

If you feel like taking time off would send your business backwards.

Then this call will change all of that.

And give you a window into a future where you have success, authority status, income, fulfilment and freedom back in your life.

Speak soon.
- Neil

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